~ Facimus quod oportet fieri ~

Established in 2015, Writing Nights originally combined the talents of two elite paralegals.  Today Writing Nights is dedicated exclusively to providing concierge level publishing services with none of the snake oil or inflated fees found elsewhere.

Publishing 2.0.

Writing Nights provides full stack publishing services to authors, professionals, thought-leaders, keynote speakers, executives, and their coaches.

We have formatted or published multiple Amazon #1 bestsellers.

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Publishing Consultant

Chad is obsessed with words—etymology, denotation, and impact. It is no accident that professionals trust him to deliver stellar product across several word-related disciplines.


In his previous career he was an immigration paralegal, specializing in defense of deportation. The satisfaction of successfully resolving cases that attorneys, judges, and other legal professionals said were impossible to win was worth the personal sacrifices that made the wins possible.


Chad edited the best-sellers, The Asterisk, and 10X Happiness, Zero Bullshit.

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Graphic Design Lead

Armed with a font collection that would make Gutenberg jealous, Armen has worked on over 250 titles where he transformed plain text into a symphony of visual delight. Armen specializes in breathtaking covers that seem to be plucked directly from his author client’s imagination.

When he's not meticulously kerning, tracking, and leading, you'll find him on the tennis court, or at a ping-pong table showcasing a dexterity that extends beyond the digital realm.

At least he likes to say that. In actuality, he devotes most of his free time to his wife and son. When his immediate family doesn’t have his full attention, he spends time caring for his mother and brother. These days, he spends more time dreaming about tennis while listening to music than actually playing.