In days of yore knights had a code. In the paraphrased words of the immortal Omar Little: "Everyone should have a code."

Here is ours: 

The Code

  • We will never be dishonorable.
  • Unless planet Earth stops spinning on its axis, or we become so ill we are unable to type, we do not miss deadlines. We deliver when we agree we will, on time every time.
  • We do not stop. Up until the point you tell us that our endeavors are futile (and sometimes even after that) we do not stop until we have a solution to your problem.
  • We do not sell, trade, or otherwise share any personal or proprietary information we obtain from our clients.
  • We do not switch allegiances mid-campaign.  We are utterly and totally dedicated to the client who hires us.
  • We will seldom work with a client's competitor.  We reserve the right to continue to work for a competitor who was a client prior to us learning that he is a new client's competitor.
  • We will be respectful, and courteous, always. Even when our clients are not.
  • If we fail to provide a solution while we are retained, the contract closes, and we subsequently discover a solution, we will provide that solution free of charge.
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  • We will never make an excuse. Either we deliver or we don't. If we do not deliver what we said we would, when we said we would, we refund your money.

Crusading against failure, plagiarism, missed deadlines
                                                                                          . . . chasing the light.

Image credit: Maarten van den Heuvel