Chad is our primary writer.  Chad has written articles that turned a fledgling idea into a full fledged business, as well as has been lucky enough to  have been invited to ghostwrite articles for most of the major pharmaceutical conglomerates. Articles he's ghostwritten have been published by a laundry list of the most influential pharmaceutical and life sciences publications.  
I enjoyed working with Chad, his writing skills are phenomenal and I will definitely be seeking him out for additional projects in the near future. Michelle D.
He's contributed to the phenomenally important project realcostofarecord.com, and so dramatically increased customer engagement and interest on reversesearchfund.com that he shocked the owner.

According to Chad:

Truth be told, what I do is alchemy. I listen to what the person I'm working with has to say.  I hear their idea, and then I spend some time thinking on it. Then when the muse is ready to move, I replay what they said in my head and then sort of spin gold from that loop of their expressions.  I'm like Rumpelstiltskin, for you. That way the content you contract with me for is not only contractually yours, it's personally stamped and carries your DNA.

I've had ghostwritten articles published by Right Start, Teach Secondary, and Woodworking Plans & Projects. I’ve also had a great deal of fun assisting a group of post docs with their respective theses, as well as doing work for a State agency I am apparently not allowed to name.  Boy, was that one good. 

Structured or free-form, whether you desire something extemporaneous or persuasive, I am conversant and capable. 

Clients describe Chad's writing this way:

His writing skills are beyond amazing and very effective. He takes his time and is very detailed. His flexibility also allows him to quickly switch tactics if you change your mind about something at the last minute. Janice H.

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