Editing & Proofreading

There is nothing professional about grammatical or typographical errors. Nothing ejects a reader from a book faster than these.   Readers who leave a book because it was substandard rarely return.  And they complain about the poor experience on social media.  

Writing Nights provides the same stellar editing you'd get from a large publishing house, without the inflated fees.

Very impressed by Chad Robertson's professionalism and command of the entire publishing process.
He edited and formatted my critically acclaimed book, The Asterisk, A Fan's Grievance On Cheating And Rule Manipulation In The NFL.
I strongly recommend Mr. Robertson to individuals who want to self-publish and present their books to the world. He brought a keen approach that illuminated syntax and meaning to my work on each page.

Vern Nicholson, Chief Brand Strategist at OEBS, Author of 
The Asterisk—A Fan's Grievance On Cheating And Rule Manipulation In The NFL
Like all Editorial Service professionals, Writing Nights is conversant with all the editing tiers --
Proofreading, Line editing, and Developmental editing.

Proofreading is concerned with typographical edits, grammar edits, punctuation etc.

Line editing is the same as proofreading plus attention to sentence structure, paragraph meaning, continuity, clarity, syntax, and flow.

Developmental editing is the same as line editing but it also delves into storytelling or world-building errors. You check that voice and tone appropriately characterize ideas and effectively create appropriate mood.  Developmental editing is an attempt at consilience, an homage to synergy. All good books make that attempt.

As is our custom, our editing services are collaborative processes.  We use Tracked Changes, and each manuscript benefits from multiple passes.  We adhere strictly to the Chicago Manual of Style as books should be formatted thus.  For Science and Academic titles we follow MLA or APA Style guides as are appropriate.
Content Editing
  • Increase Professionalism
  • Minimize negative reviews
  • Multiple passes
  • Plot and pace
  • Book description and key words
  • KDP Optimization
  • Amazon Author page
  • Cover design
  • eBook Cover
  • Print Cover
  • Line editing of manuscript

Chad is a skilled writer and a firm, yet patient, project manager who is highly intelligent and very easy to work with. His commu-nication skills turn chaos into construct.

Deborah Wolfe, Profit and Loss Accounting Consultant

Chad is very professional and dedicated. His writing skills are beyond amazing and very effective. He takes his time and is very detailed. His flexibility also allows him to quickly switch tactics if you change your mind about something at the last minute. Chad is easy to work with and very straight forward.

Janice Hoseine, Organizer at New Sanctuary Coalition

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