EBOOK PRICING | Writing Nights


Writing Nights prefers simple, transparent pricing.


We'll take text in any of our approved source document formats and present you with a flowable eBook—either a mobi or epub file—in return. We do NOT create fixed-type, or static, eBooks.

This costs $225.

Source document formats Writing Nights accepts include: Word, RTF, HTML, PDF, TXT. Contact us if you have some other format.

As always we provide three revisions, so you can tweak font, paragraph spacing, text color, as well as catch any typos you (and in rare cases us) may have introduced.

If you are a Publishing 2.0 neophyte, we're happy to speak with you about expectations, what eBooks can, and cannot do, as well as the idiosyncrasies of the various eBook marketplaces.


We format files for Amazon's Kindle Direct Print, CreateSpace, IngramSparks, Lulu and quite a few other POD printers. Formatting for Print on Demand is its own special discipline, requiring that books not only be formatted professionally, but that they be formatted to the chicane specifications of each printer. CreateSpace regulations are very different from say Lulu regulations.

POD formatting costs $225.


We create your cover and format for the printer or marketplace where your book will be available. eBooks only have front covers. Printed books have front covers, rear covers, and a spine.
We will provide you with two mockups from your design brief. And we will revise your choice of mockup up to 3 times at this price point. Additional revisions attract hourly pricing.

Front cover costs $175
Rear and spine costs $75


Files containing 50 pages or less are $75.
Files containing 51 to 100 pages are $100.
Files containing 101 to 200+ pages are $150.


Images are often the hardest part of formatting an eBook.

Contrary to prevailing wisdom, word count, page count, and book length aren't particularly important variables when coding an eBook. What factors are the number of elements that need formatting. An 1,800 page book with 18 chapters is easier to format, and less time intensive, than a 180 page book with 50 chapter headings and 45 subheadings.

If your file has 10-15 images, we charge an additional $50.
If your file has 15-20 images, we charge an additional $75.
If your file has 20-50 images we charge an additional $100.
If your file has more than 50 images, we're happy to work out a custom rate for you. 


All of these packages are governed by our simple terms, terms you agree to be bound to, should you pay us to perform these services.

Our initial consultation is 30 mins.
We provide an initial draft and 3 revisions.

After we've started work on your project, we are happy to discuss any single project for up to one hour without charge. Should you need greater than an hour, we bill at $52 per hour, with a minimum $100 retainer.